The best iPhone photos this World Photography Day

The best iPhone photos this World Photography Day

Today is World Photography Day, an annual celebration of the art of photography. It's a tribute to photographers of all types – including those who capture their images on an iPhone. 

iPhone cameras have gone from a curious novelty to one of the most popular and widely used cameras on the planet. On the way, they’ve also become one of the most capable and advanced shooting systems you can buy.

Recent flagship iPhones like the iPhone 13 Pro have seriously elite photography setups, with quad-sensor arrays, telephoto zoom lenses and close-up macro capabilities (see our roundup of the best iPhone 13 Pro camera tips for some pointers). And we’re already excited thinking about what camera features the iPhone 14 may have in store on its expected release next month.

Over the years, Apple has often taken the time to share images tagged with #shotoniphone, as a reminder of how many creators are making incredible work with the device they have in their pocket. We thought we’d take a look to celebrate World Photography Day and offer a reminder that you don’t need the biggest, most expensive cameras and lenses to take great photos. Here are some of the best iPhone images we’ve seen in 2022. For more 


Dan Tom (@dantom) has been shooting on iPhones for years, and simple but effective compositions like this are his bread and butter. Even with the telephoto lenses on recent models, iPhone compositions often benefit from getting physically close to your subject.



This effective black and white composition from London-based Emma Wright (@emmafwright) shows off how far the dynamic range of the iPhone has come – you certainly wouldn’t have got that range of tonality back in 2007.


Some sunrises, like this one shot on an iPhone by @yankeeinsc, are worth getting up for. The iPhone’s wide lens makes the most of the flat landscape.


As an iPhone is the camera you’ll always have with you, it’s ideal for the kind of fleeting compositions you catch out of the corner of your eye. This collection of black-and-white moments by photographer @_wendyandrade all have a hugely engaging spontaneity to them. 

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