In a world of online shopping, endless love for the latest, but a deep desire for comfort, too, I find a gem. Not really hidden to be honest, because it’s been there for a while, yet I never considered it to be my “fashion destination”, until I did…


Amazon has been my emergency line, my home appliances heaven, my final shopping destination. Sounds rather dramatic, I know, but when you have a newborn you find yourself in need of many things, one the most ungodly hours of the day.

I never shied away from a PRIME order in the middle of the night, even if it were for a box of diapers during fashion week, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get them at the supermarket while running around during back to back shows… Yet, I didn’t realize until a little while back, that Amazon Fashion was going to be my new obsession. With many contemporary brands being available within three clicks and with PRIME delivery – aka next day, or even SAME day on some occasions – it was obviously only a matter of time before we would enter a true love affair.

Not to sound ridiculous, but it is really a love story: for the longest time, and still do, I dreaded the idea of finding time to go shopping. I truly don’t find joy in going to a store, on my day off, where it is – as it always proves to be in NYC – mega packed. I’m a person who needs to shop in their own space, without a store manager hovering behind me asking me – of course with the best intentions – if I need anything. I’m a big girl, I will ask you if I need something, thank you.

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