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Nintendo Switch live blog: the best prices still available this Prime Day

Nintendo Switch live blog: the best prices still available this Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is officially done! So there's no time left to get the best Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals officially, but the good news is that there are still some unofficial Switch deals lurking around, on consoles, games and accessories. 

This Prime Day we've seen some great savings on games and accessories, and while console discounts were rare, at least stock seemed to hold out, unlike last year over Black Friday and Christmas, where Switch consoles in the US were like gold dust.

To jump straight into the deals, just scroll down to our quick links below, which are all still live. Or you can read the rest of our blog to see the discounts you missed, which will also still include some live offers.



A photo of a young woman playing a Nintendo Switch games console

(Image credit: Future)

And we're off! We'll be bringing you the hottest Nintendo Switch offers and reporting on the highs and lows of deals hunting here from Bath, UK. We're hoping that stock holds out and we don't see the types of Switch shortages we saw over Black Friday last year. 

For now, let's kick things off with a non-Amazon offer for you.

In the UK, Very has some of the best offers on the Switch, including the Switch consoles with Mario Kart 8 for £271(opens in new tab)


Nintendo Switch Memorial Day deal

Hot property in the US (Image credit: Nintendo)

Over in the US, it's pretty slim pickings in terms of offers on Switch consoles right now. Let's hope that Amazon is planning to drop its prices for members as part of Prime Day. At the moment you can buy the standard Switch for $299 at Amazon(opens in new tab), or $299 at Best Buy(opens in new tab), or $299 from the Nintendo Store(opens in new tab). You get the picture...


Nintendo Switch Lite

(Image credit: Nintendo)

So the lowest price we've ever seen on Amazon for the Switch Lite is £169, which was over Prime Day last year. That fills us with hope that this year we'll also see a price drop. And there shouldn't be long to wait to find out!

But the good news for right now is that the Switch Lite is currently on sale at £174.99 at Amazon(opens in new tab). That's £6 off the best ever price and worth snapping up if you're in the market for one. It's already £25 off the RRP so we can't imagine it'll plummet much more than this... an extra tenner off seems the most we can hope for.

For those of you lucky enough to already own a Switch, GameStop is offering a host of games at a discount(opens in new tab) as part of its summer sale. Just Dance 2022, New Pokémon Snap and Sonic Colors are just a few of the games on offer. 


Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Calling anyone who wants a Switch OLED. Have you tried Currys? It's offering a white Switch OLED, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a 246GB memory card from SanDisk for £349(opens in new tab). That's a £20 saving on the previous price. Go forth and click 'add to basket'.


Nintendo Switch Lite Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

In terms of the Switch Lite in the US, we're seeing plenty going for the retail price of $199.99 (like this one at Best Buy(opens in new tab)) and not much below that. If you don't mind buying a pre-owned console then you can get one at GameStop for $159.99(opens in new tab).

A reminder that some of the best offers available in the UK are from Very, where you can get a Switch with Mario Kart 8 for just £271(opens in new tab).


Nintendo Switch Pro concept

(Image credit: Computer Bild)

If, like us, you're wondering what on Earth happened to the Switch Pro, you'll want to read our news story about the latest Switch Pro rumours.


Target is currently offering the Nintendo Switch at retail price, but it does have a few games on offer. You can get Just Dance 2022 for a mere $19.99, and Super Mario Party is $20 off - down to $39.99. Check out the Target Switch games page(opens in new tab) to see what else is on offer.

A Nintendo Switch Lite on a multi-coloured background.

(Image credit: Nintendo/Future)

Back to Amazon itself. It's the day before Prime Day and there's really not much happening in the US in terms of offers. Is that because products are going to drop in price as soon as midnight hits? It's hard to say at the moment (but don't panic, because we'll be here reporting on all the best prices for you). Take a look at Amazon's dedicated Nintendo Store(opens in new tab) to see for yourself what's going on.

Over in the UK, things are a little sweeter. There are discounts on the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, though nothing on the OLED. To be honest, we'd be surprised to see much in the way of discounts on the OLED anyway, but we are hoping that there may be further price drops on the Switch and the Lite. Check out the Nintendo Switch page on Amazon(opens in new tab) to take a gander at what's on offer.


The Splatoon 3 Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Excited about Splatoon 3? You can pre-order the OLED model Splatoon 3 Edition now from Game for £319.99(opens in new tab)


We've been live blogging for five hours now and there's still no sign of any decent deals on the Nintendo Switch across the pond. Apart from the odd saving on a game or two, that is. Amazon, you'd better be saving up the big discounts for us. 

Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

(Image credit: Nintendo)

After some Joy Cons for your Nintendo Switch? Walmart has some for just $39.99(opens in new tab) in fetching pink and green. They're reduced from $99.99. Happy days.


Amazon Prime Day Deals, Nintendo Switch in a box

(Image credit: Nintendo)

As we've mentioned, deals on Nintendo Switch are always thin on the ground. It's why bundle deals can often be a good way of saving cash on these highly sought after games consoles.

Over at Walmart there are plenty of bundles, including branded special editions. Some are a little old but if this is your first Nintendo Switch then they're worth looking at. Catching our eye is the Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition for $479.69 $389.99(opens in new tab) – this comes with a themed console, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mytrix Accessories.

We'd also recommend taking a look at Nintendo Switch multiplayer bundle for $651.89 $529.99(opens in new tab), which includes the standard Nintendo Switch and four games: Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Kirby Star Allies, Minecraft. There are a couple of older games in here, but Mario Kart is a must.

If you're after a Switch OLED model then Walmart's most interesting bundle is the that features all of the Zelda games for the console (plus some extra accessories). The games are: Zelda: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Zelda: Link's Awakening and Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. This Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda bundle is $737.99 $599.99(opens in new tab).


Amazon Prime Day deals, a picture of Kirby

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It's not all about hardware when it comes to Nintendo Switch deals. Ahead of Amazon Prime Day there are some nice offers on the best games and even Switch Online subscriptions.

The ones that are peaking our interest are 7% off a three-month membership to Nintendo Switch Online(opens in new tab) making this $7.42. It's not amazing, but we'll take any chance to make a small saving however small.

You can also get get up to 30% off a number of Nintendo Switch's best games right now too at Amazon, when bought as digital downloads. Our picks would be Super Mario Odyssey(opens in new tab), Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic(opens in new tab) and Kirby and the Forgotten Land(opens in new tab) – alright, this last one is only 9% off, but it's Kirby!

Nintendo Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo / Future)

To recap, with still a few hours to go until the start of Prime Day itself, we're not seeing any discounts on Switch consoles in the US yet. But the good news is that Amazon at least now appears to have healthy stock levels on all three models: The original Switch, the Switch Lite and the OLED – and all at their official retail prices, not inflated by resellers.

That means you can get the original Nintendo Switch for £298 (opens in new tab), the Nintendo Switch Lite for $199(opens in new tab) and the shiny Nintendo Switch OLED for $349(opens in new tab). The OLED in particular had been almost impossible to get hold of in the US until fairly recently.

Over in the UK, meanwhile, Amazon has a few small savings on offer, with the original Nintendo Switch in grey reduced from £255 to £247(opens in new tab) and the Nintendo Switch Lite reduced by almost £25 to £175(opens in new tab) in several colours.


Over in the UK, meanwhile, Amazon has a few small savings on offer, with the original Nintendo Switch in grey reduced from £255 to £247(opens in new tab) and the Nintendo Switch Lite reduced by almost £25 to £175(opens in new tab) in several colours.


We're still keeping an eye out for any Amazon Prime Day deals on Nintendo Switch but nothing major has surfaced yet. But perhaps take a look at Best Buy's refurbished deal; you can get $50 off a Nintendo Switch OLED which is now $299(opens in new tab).

Prime Day Nintendo Switch Lite deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Amazon Prime Day has already officially begun in the UK, so are seeing any Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals? Well, sadly there are no specifically Prime Day deals on Switch consoles, but there is a good 13% saving on the Nintendo Switch Lite, which isn't part of Prime Day. That means that you can take advantage of this deal even if you aren't a Prime subscription member.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is reduced by £25 from £199 to £174.99(opens in new tab), and there's currently stock available in all five colour options.


Prime Day Nintendo Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo )

Here we go. Amazon's just dropped a trio of Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals on the best Switch of all, the latest OLED version. There are no discounts on the console alone, but there are three Prime Day deals on bundles – and they're cheaper than the regular price of the console alone!

So what are your options? The biggest saving is on the Nintendo Switch OLED + Just Dance 2022, reduced by £64.99 from £359.98 to £294.99(opens in new tab). Considering the standard retail price of the OLED console alone is £309.99, that's a pretty good deal. 

If you're more into fighting vicious alien lifeforms than busing dance moves, you can get the Nintendo Switch OLED + Meteor Dread for £308.95, a saving of £51(opens in new tab). A great bundle that gets you a game that really makes the most of the stunning OLED screen. Your final option is the OLED with Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, also at £308.95(opens in new tab).


Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Here's an unusual deal for US readers. Amazon right now has an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition Nintendo Switch for $296.99(opens in new tab), which is a $63 saving – the only catch is that it's a UK edition of the console. The good news is that it's perfectly compatible with US games, you'll simply need a power adapter to make sure you can charge it. Believe us, that will cost you a lot less than $63, so this is still a tremendous saving. 

Nintendo Switch V2 box shot on white background

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Refurbished consoles are not only a great way to save, but also the more responsible choice, as you're giving a used product a new home. Amazon currently has a great deal in the US, offering a refurbished Nintendo Switch V2 for $269.95(opens in new tab), which is a saving of $29.05. Best be quick though, as at the time of writing, there's only one left in stock. 

If you miss out on that, don't worry, we're still seeing good savings on new Nintendo Switch consoles. You can get this Nintendo Switch Neon Red/Neon Blue for $297.99(opens in new tab), which is a $17 discount on retail price. With Switch discounts as rare as they are, this is well worth snapping up. 


Box shots of Nintendo Switch and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you love Star Wars and LEGO games (and really, who doesn't), then this Amazon UK deal is one to jump on, with the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Classic Character Edition Nintendo Switch bundle(opens in new tab) available for just £308.99 on Amazon. That's a saving of £50.99, plus you get access to the Classic Character DLC, which is exclusive to

In the US meanwhile, we're seeing lots of great discounts on Nintendo Switch at Amazon. You can get Nintendo Switch Sports for $38.49(opens in new tab), or a $10 discount off Mario Kart 8 at $49.50(opens in new tab).  The best offer we've seen so far is a hefty 60% discount off Just Dance 2022, currently available for just $19.99(opens in new tab).


Hand holding SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I card for Nintendo above Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: SanDisk/Nintendo)

If you need more storage for your Switch, then you'll want to jump on this Prime-exclusive deal on Amazon UK, where you can currently get a SanDisk Nintendo Switch microSDXC 128GB UHS-I card at a 61% discount(opens in new tab). Non-Prime members can expect to pay £40.99, while Prime members will get it for just £15.99. If you need more storage than 128GB, you can also save on the 512GB, though the discount isn't as big – £66.99, down from £88.25.

PDP Gaming Nintendo Switch Starter Kit on white background

(Image credit: PDP Gaming)

If you're picking up a new Switch, you'll also want to pick up some of the latest Switch accessories. You can currently get 50% off this Nintendo-approved PDP Gaming Nintendo Switch Starter Kit at Amazon US(opens in new tab), which includes a carrying case, screen protector, cleaning cloth, controller grips and high-quality stereo earbuds. Its RRP is $14.99, but the exclusive Prime Day deal has it for just $7.49.


The Nintendo Switch console with Joy-Con controllers on a table top.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Right! Back to searching for the best deals on the Nintendo Switch, and we think it's worth flagging this unique deal up again. It's for the US, but the deal is on a UK version of the Nintendo Switch, which means you'll need a separately sold power adaptor to charge and run it. 

Perhaps not ideal for many, but the deal itself is well worth a second look – you pay $296.99 down from $359.99, saving $63(opens in new tab), as you get the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition game along with the console. It all depends on how much you desire a good deal on the Nintendo Switch right now. Although Prime Day is well and truly here, we're seeing a lot of retail-priced Nintendo Switches over at Amazon. So if your goal is to save money, this is one of the stronger Nintendo Switch deals that we can currently find. 


A Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle game image.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Some of the best Nintendo Switch-related deals aren't necessarily direct from Amazon this year. If you've managed to bag yourself a console already, we think that you should check out this Nintendo Switch game deal from Target. You can get the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle game for just $14.99(opens in new tab) - down from $45 (that's a massive saving of 75%).

The other benefit of looking for Switch-related deals outside of the Amazon world is that you won't have to sign up to Prime to get them. We'll be keeping an eye on all Nintendo Switch deals, whether they're from Amazon or not this Prime Day. 

Switch Pokemon

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you're into Pokémon, this Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) and Pokémon Legends Arceus(opens in new tab) deal could be the one for you. In a similar vein to the LEGO Star Wars (but with Pokémon switched in, of course), the console and game is on sale for a delightful £308. This saves you a pretty awesome £51.98. Given consoles are so rarely on sale, these bundles are where you'll make the savings so we reccomend snapping them up if you find a game that suits you.


Mario Kart Switch

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Oooh, this is fun. The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game will bring your Mario Kart race to life, as you set up the racetrack and see your battle come to life on the screen. Your in-game play will even affect what happens on your real-life race course. And this deal knocks a tasty 29 per cent off for UK customers(opens in new tab) (bringing it to £59.95), and whopping 50 per cent off in the US(opens in new tab) (now just $49.99). Race you there!


Amazon Prime Day deals, a photo of a gaming headset

(Image credit: KoFire)

We're deep into Amazon Prime Day deals now and a number of eye-catching headphone discounts are popping up. You can't game properly without a good pair of gaming headphones. Below are some of the best we've spotted to date, from pro level models to bright colourways and even cat ears:
KOFIRE 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Headset, black (pictured) and white – $49.99 $37.99
PDP Gaming LVL40 Stereo Headset in a mix of six colours – $24.99 $14.99
BUTFULAKE GH-1 Gaming Headset in four colours – $25.99 $19.19
KOFIRE UT-01 Wireless Gaming Headset – $79.99 $47.99
Wireless Gaming Headset with Cute Cat Ears – $34.99 $27.99


Amazon Prime Day, zelda pad

(Image credit: Nintendo / PDP)

If you're looking for a new or second controller for a Nintendo Switch then there are some excellent deals this Amazon Prime Day. PDP Gaming Faceoff Deluxe+ has 50% off its an array of branded controllers, now $27.99 $13.99(opens in new tab). We love the Zelda one (pictured) but there are Mario and a striking black-white models too.

Most, it has to be said, are third-party, such as the Tenvoonl Joy-Con Controllers $41.99 $33.59(opens in new tab) that come in multiple colours with 20% off.

We also like the NexiGo Wireless Controller for $41.99 $31.99(opens in new tab), which offers 20% off. While this Pro Controller immitator has some very young designs, the Cosmic Nebula model is fitting given today NASA news.


Amazon Prime day, switch mario

(Image credit: Nintendo)

There's 25% off Mario Party Superstars and Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month individual membership(opens in new tab) this Amazon Prime Day. This is normally $79.98and now it's slashed to $59.99 – you save $19.99. If you play your Switch games online this is a good deal, and Mario Party Superstars is one of the console's best party games.

Amazon prime day, mario strikers bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

UK people – get the newest Nintendo game just released this month and a new Nintendo Switch OLED (white) and Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for £359.98 £313.99(opens in new tab), that's a saving of £45.99 (you basically get the game for free). 


Amazon Prime day, life is strange

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The pick of the reduced games over at Amazon right now is Life is Strange: True Colors $59.99 $29.99(opens in new tab), that's a massive 50% off for one of the best narrative games on Nintendo Switch.

Target has a range if Nintendo Switch games for $59.99 $39.99 right now, the sale ends Wednesday. The offer includes Super Mario Odyssey and other hits, but for us it's the chance to pick up The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for 30% less(opens in new tab) for another run through of this classic. 


Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Like the original Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite only comes with 32GB of internal storage – and that can quickly fill up with games. So if you're considering the super portable console then you're almost certainly going to want to pick up an SD card too so you can store more games. That makes this bundle a sensible buy: you get the Nintendo Switch Lite plus a SanDisk Switch-approved 128GB MicroSDXC card for $219.49(opens in new tab), a saving of $15.49. You can choose the console in blue, coral or turquoise.

Prime Day Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We've highlighted quite a few Nintendo Switch OLED bundle offers in the UK so far, but here's a deal on the console alone. It's only a small saving of £9.77(opens in new tab), but still it's better than nothing. You'll have to be quick though – there are only 3 left in stock.


Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We came across a discount on a Nintendo Switch Lite + SDXC card bundle(opens in new tab) a while ago, and now here's a similar deal on the original Switch. You get the Nintendo Switch with neon blue and red Joy-Con and the same 128GB SanDisk SD MicroSDXC card for £319.49 – a saving of $15.49(opens in new tab).


Nintendo Switch Prime Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

To recap, the only Nintendo Switch deals on consoles at Amazon in the US right now are the two bundles that we flagged up: Nintendo Switch Lite + MicroSDXC card for $219.49(opens in new tab) and the original Switch + MicroSDXC card for $319.49(opens in new tab). But you have much more chances to save when it comes to kitting your new console out with games: Amazon's running a whole bunch of lightning deals offering 25% off the price of a game + 12-month membership of Nintendo Switch Online(opens in new tab).

For more ideas for how to complete your Switch experience, see our guide the best Nintendo Switch accessories

The Nintendo bundle

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Good morning from us here in the UK. To start day two with a bang, we have found a Nintendo Switch bundle discount on Very that saves you £51.99. While this deal might not be on Amazon Prime, we still think it's worth a mention. In Very's bundle, you get a Blue/Red Nintendo Switch plus Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 8 for just £308(opens in new tab)

Over in the US, the hot Nintendo deals are a little harder to come by on Amazon, so we have found a brilliant Mario Kart 8 Switch bundle for just $429.99 on Walmart(opens in new tab), saving you $99. This bundle comes with a Blue/Red Nintendo Switch console, the Mario Kart 8 game, a 3 month Nintendo membership, and a Mario Kart-themed carry case – it truly is the ultimate bundle. 


The Splatoon 3 game

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Here's one for you gamers that already have a Switch console. Right now on Amazon, you can get 10% off the unreleased Splatoon 3 game(opens in new tab). The upcoming game is currently just £44.99 on the website, and we can't quite believe that Amazon has actually knocked money off a game that hasn't even been released yet, so we recommend grabbing this deal before the game is launched and the prices go back up. If you order Splatoon 3 now though, you won't get the game until 9 September. 


Prime Day Switch OLED deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

We have to admit, it's been tough finding good Nintendo Switch deals over in the US, especially on Amazon. However, Best Buy is selling the Nintendo Switch OLED for $299.99(opens in new tab), saving you $50. The Switch OLED has been difficult to pin down because it is the newest Switch in the Nintendo roster, so we recommend moving quickly to bag yourself this bargain. 

A graphic for the 2 for £20 offer at GAME

(Image credit: Game)

If you've managed to grab yourself a Switch in these Prime Day deals and are looking to stock up your games library then you're in luck. Currently at GAME, you can buy two Nintendo Switch Games for just £20(opens in new tab). That's right, you can save money on massive titles like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Assassin's Creed. 


The Switch Sports box

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ready for a load of nostalgia? The Switch Sports games are on offer in both the UK and the US (Yipee!). On Amazon in the states, you can buy the Switch Sports digital code for just $38.99(opens in new tab), saving you $10.01. And in the UK, you can buy Switch Sports for £32.99, saving you £7(opens in new tab)


Fully equipped with a brand new Switch console and now need some way to carry it around? Well, you're in luck because there are loads of discounted accessories over on Amazon right now. You can save $9 with this DayUp Switch Carrying Case, which is now just $16.99 on Amazon(opens in new tab). Or if you're looking for something more tailored to your gaming tastes, then you'll love this Animal Crossing-themed carry case for just £29.99(opens in new tab), saving you £10. 

Zelda Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch deals on Amazon in the US seem to be lacking, so we have found this brilliant Zelda discount over on Walmart. You can buy the staple Nintendo game for just $39.99(opens in new tab), reduced from $59.99, saving you $20! 

And if you're here in the UK looking for something to add to your games library, then why not treat yourself to Mario Kart 8? The game has been reduced from £49.99 to £36.99 over on Amazon(opens in new tab), saving you £13!


Nintendo Switch V2 box shot on white background

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo console deals are still fairly sparse on Amazon. However, you can get theBlue/Red Switch for £247 on Amazon(opens in new tab), saving you £18.47. Or if you were looking for something a little more portable, you can grab yourself a turquoise or yellow Switch Lite for £175(opens in new tab), saving you around £25. 

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