Here's a reason to get a Meta Quest 2 and get into VR

Here's a reason to get a Meta Quest 2 and get into VR

It's fair to say that VR didn't exactly take over the wold as many expected, but during its conservative uptake the key players in the field have been making serious leaps. So is now the time to get into VR? Well, with this decent Amazon Prime Day deal, it just might be. 

Right now you can get a Meta Quest 2 headset for $299 and get a free $25 gift card as well, over on Amazon(opens in new tab). We like this Meta Quest 2 (previously Oculus Quest) deal because the Quest 2 is the leading VR headset out there, what with its 120Hz refresh rate, 1832 x 1920 resolution and decent 128GB storage for games.

Of course, if you want a nice case as well, the starter bundle may be for you. That's currently $348, with the 128GB headset, over at Amazon(opens in new tab), but you don't need a Prime membership for that one. 

If you're not a Prime member, you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial(opens in new tab) to make the most of all today's deals. Want more deals ideas? Head over to our Apple Prime Day deals page. 

Meta Quest 2 & $25 gift card: $324 $299 at Amazon
Save $25: 
Yes, this isn't the biggest saving in the world, but the Meta Quest 2 has been pretty short of stock recently, and there just haven't been any savings. Right now, the price is set at $299 everywhere, so this free $25 gift card is pretty sweet.

Meta Quest 2 & case: $323 $299 at Amazon
Save $25:
 There's also a $25 saving to be had on the Meta Quest 2 headset and Dazed Oculus Quest 2 case, aka the starter bundle. As mentioned, Quest 2 stock has been a little thin on the ground, so it's good to see two deals at the same time.

Want to get your Meta Quest 2 from a different retailer? Here are a selection of the best Meta Quest 2 prices from all over the world... 

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