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Apple Watch live blog: Amazon Prime Day is over but these deals are still live

Apple Watch live blog: Amazon Prime Day is over but these deals are still live

UPDATE: Amazon Prime Day (or days), may be over now, but there are still some savings to be had on many of the Apple Watches. Below is our round up of the final deals that are worth your time!

Below you'll find some quick links that will take you to some fantastic deals, all of which are still live. Below that are the older deals, many of which are now no longer available. Feeling lucky? If you're in need of more Apple kit, then see our guide to the best Apple Prime Day deals and our live blog on the best iPad Prime Day deals. Good luck, and happy hunting!



The midnight Apple Watch Series 7 with Nike band.

(Image credit: Apple )

And kicking things off here in our (pre) Prime Day Apple Watch deals blog, we've found an absolute beauty of a deal. You can currently get the latest Apple Watch Series 7, 45mm in midnight colour, with a black Nike sports band, for just $359 - that's down from $429 saving you $70(opens in new tab)

We saw this exact deal over the Memorial Day period, so clearly Best Buy have plenty of stock of this particular model. It's worth noting that we've seen other Apple Watch Series 7 deals come and quickly disappear, so if your budget can push to the larger 45mm model, this is a great deal. 


The white Apple Watch Series 3 as sold on Amazon.

(Image credit: Apple )

Though we expect to see some tasty Apple Watch deals tomorrow, when Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off, it's worth thinking about all the decent renewed bargains that are currently available on Amazon right now. They won't be for everyone, of course, but one in particular caught our eye... 

You can get the Apple Watch Series 3, which comes with both GPS and cellular, with a white sport band for just $155(opens in new tab)! Now, we must stress, this is a renewed model, so it is not brand new. But it is quality guaranteed, so if you have any issues with it, it can be returned within 90 days.  

Renewed Apple Watches won't be for everyone, but we think that for £155, this is worth a look! 


Apple Watch SE Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Apple)

We're big fans of the Apple Watch SE. Sure, it does not have the features of the later models, but it sits in that sweet spot of functionality and affordability. And you can currently get a range of colours of the SE and save a decent $30 over at Best Buy - it's now just $249(opens in new tab)

As you can see from our five star Apple Watch SE review, we're fans of the watch to this day, even though it came out in September 2020. In short, it has all the features you need and none of the ones you don't. Add to that that it's affordable to start with, and we think this is a decent deal to think about. 

Apple Watch Series 7 in bright red.

(Image credit: Apple)

Right now you can get the red Apple Watch Series 7 over at Target and save yourself $70(opens in new tab) off the retail price. We'll be honest, we think that there are going to be better deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 when midnight comes around, and Amazon Prime Day has officially started. But, if you can't wait until then, and you desperately want the latest Apple Watch, this is probably the best deal on it that we can find. 

If you look at Amazon and search for Apple Watch, all you'll find is renewed models, but that's because they're keeping the stack back until Prime Day officially starts. 


Amazon Prime Day Deals, Apple Watch 6

(Image credit: Apple)

If you're not too fussed about buying an older model, then there are some good deals on Apple Watch Series 6. Walmart has an Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) for $278(opens in new tab), a saving of $139. The only real downside to this 40mm watch deal is the colour, it's only in red. Can you handle the colour? Then you have a bargain.


Amazon Prime Day deals, an Apple Watch Nike edition

(Image credit: Apple)

If there are any UK folks up and hunting for deals then we have some for you. John Lewis has a number of good offers right now, and the headliner is a third reduction on the Apple Watch Nike Series 6 (pictured). Get the Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS + Cellular for £509 £459 at John Lewis(opens in new tab).

John Lewis also has £50 off the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular, 44mm Silver Stainless Steel Case, get it now for £699(opens in new tab). The same watch in black with a sport band is priced £649(opens in new tab).

Apple Watch Pre-Prime Day deal

(Image credit: Apple / Future)

Now we're talking! This is the cheapest we've ever seen the Apple Watch Series 7 – and it's not even a Prime Day deal! Amazon has $115 off the latest Apple Watch, taking the price down to just $284 for the 41mm GPS model(opens in new tab) and $314 for the 45mm version(opens in new tab). That's 29% off the 41mm and 27% off the larger version!

The catch? Well, the only colour available at this record low price is green. There are savings on other colours too though, with $80 off the 41mm Apple Watch in Midnight(opens in new tab) and $70 off in red or abyss blue.

Good news for those in the UK too because Amazon finally has discounts on the Apple Watch 7 there too. The savings aren't quite so good, but Amazon UK has £50 off the 41mm in green (now £309)(opens in new tab) and £10 off some other colours. And again – these aren't specifically Prime Day Apple Watch deals so you don't need to be a subscriber to get these deals.


Apple Watch Prime Day deal

(Image credit: Apple)

And Amazon's Prime Day Apple Watch deals are live in the UK! It's gone 12pm in the UK, so it's already officially Prime Day there, and we're seeing exclusive Prime Day Apple Watch deals on both the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch SE.

Amazon UK has the Apple Watch 7 reduced by £40 to £70.(opens in new tab) That takes the price of the 41mm Watch down from £369 to £329 in Starlight, Midnight and Abyss Blue. The green model, which was already reduced, is now even cheaper at £298 – that's £70 off. And if you're looking for the larger, 45mm Apple Watch 7, that's now £339 in green and £359 in other colours.


Apple Watch SE Prime Day deal

(Image credit: Apple)

We're a good two hours into Prime Day in the UK, and we're continuing to comb through Amazon's exclusive deals to see what's on offer, and we've confirmed that the biggest Prime Day Apple Watch deal in percentage terms is 27% off the 44mm Apple Watch SE in silver/blue(opens in new tab) (pictured). That's an £80 saving, slashing the price of what was already a great value smartwatch from £299 to £219.

If you have a smaller wrist, you can save £70 on the 40mm version(opens in new tab), which right now costs less than £200! There are slightly smaller £52 discounts on other colours. Hurry though; I'd be surprised if all of the colours remain in stock at these current prices. The Apple Watch SE doesn't have the larger always-on display that you get with the series 7, but you still get plenty of features for exercise, making this great value.

Prime Day Apple Watch deal

(Image credit: Apple)

We're about to take a short break from updates to the blog, but we'll be blogging again on the best Apple Watch Prime Day deals throughout the day on Tuesday. 

To recap, official Prime Day Apple Watch deals are now live in the UK. They include savings of up to £72 off Apple Watch 7(opens in new tab) and up to £80 off Apple Watch SE(opens in new tab), as well as a range of discounts on renewed Apple Watch Series 4, 5 and 6 devices.

Over in the US, the official Prime Day Apple Watch deals have yet to go live, but based on the pattern we've seen in the UK, we expect we might see something similar. Amazon already has the Apple Watch 7 at a record low price in US outside of Prime Day, with the 41mm Watch in green now just £284(opens in new tab) and smaller discounts on other colours. It also has $50 off the Apple Watch SE – now starting at $229(opens in new tab)

Checking back here later to see if those prices get even better once the members-only deals begin in the US. And remember that we're also tracking all of the best Apple Prime Day deals.


Apple Watch Series 7 45mm version with Clover band on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

If you want to save on an Apple Watch Series 7 but prefer the larger 45mm version to the 41mm, you can still make an incredible saving. In the US, we're seeing the Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS version at $314(opens in new tab), an amazing $115 discount on the RRP of $429.

UK readers don't miss out on the fun, with a deal currently running for an Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 45mm) for £329(opens in new tab). You just have to make sure you select one of the colours that's discounted – Starlight Aluminium is currently the cheapest, though Green Clover is not far behind at £339. 

Meanwhile, in non-Amazon deals, Walmart currently have the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS and Cellular 45mm edition for $699(opens in new tab), which is a $100 saving. It's the version with a stainless steel case and silver Milanese loop strap, so you get plenty of style for your buck as well. 


The latest Apple Watch Series 7 on a white background.

(Image credit: Apple )

Whoa – it looks like Amazon has just upped its discounts still further on the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE in the US. We said that $284 was the lowest price we'd seen for an Apple Watch Series 7, and it was, but you can now get an Apple Watch Series 7 for $279(opens in new tab), or upgrade to the 45mm version and get it for $309. In both cases, that's an incredible saving of $120.

Those who want a smaller watch aren't left out, as you can now get an Apple Watch SE for as little as $219(opens in new tab), which is a saving of $60 off the retail price. The discount is the same across all colour options too, so feel free to pick your preference. 

Apple Watch Series 3 with white band

(Image credit: Apple)

If you're looking for one of the more affordable models of Apple Watch, we're seeing some solid Prime Day discounts on the Series 3. In the US, you can get a refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 for $158.99 on Amazon(opens in new tab), which is a saving of $41 on the current retail price.

In the UK meanwhile, while a 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 is just £119.95, you can upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm for just £134.03(opens in new tab), which is a whopping discount of £73.97.


Apple Watch Series 5 with black band on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

This is one of the biggest savings we've seen on any model of the Apple Watch – you can now get an Apple Watch Series 5 for $224.97 on Amazon US(opens in new tab), which is a discount of more than $200. The Apple Watch Series 5 came out in 2019, and with an always-on Retina display, it's still a fantastic buy for any smartwatch enthusiast.


Adorama is getting in on the discount action, currently listing the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS 41mm version for $349(opens in new tab), saving you $50 – though it's only the clover band version with this chunky discount.

UK readers who are looking to upgrade their Apple Watch to a newer model will want to check in at John Lewis, where trading in an old Apple Watch can net you discounts as high as £120(opens in new tab) on brand new Apple Watches like the Series 7.

Apple Watch Series 7 45mm version with Clover band on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

We do appreciate the clover green tones of this Apple Watch. And did we mention that it's currently 30% off at Amazon for Prime Day members(opens in new tab)? The RRP is $399 and you can get it for $279 if you buy it before the end of tomorrow. You're welcome.


Apple Watch SE cream with starlight band

(Image credit: Apple)

Amazon really does have some decent discounts on the Apple Watch this Prime Day. The SE is 19% off for Prime Day members, so now costs £217 rather than the RRP of £269(opens in new tab). The same Watch is currently £239 at Currys(opens in new tab). We know which price we prefer.


We've been doing this blog for a fair few hours now. Is it time for some watch puns? Watch out, it just might be. Don't forget that time's a ticking on these deals, the Amazon Prime Day Watch deals(opens in new tab) may look good on the face of it. In fact, they just look good, so don't waste any time in proceeding to the online checkout. 

Apple Watch Series 3 Memorial Day deal

(Image credit: Apple)

Walmart has got a small amount of Apple Watch deals going at the moment, including this Series 3 Apple Watch (38mm, GPS), which is down from $199 to $149(opens in new tab).


Apple Watch Series 7 45mm version with Clover band on white background

(Image credit: Apple)

After a Series 7 Apple Watch in the US? Well not only is the 41mm GPS model discounted to $279 - its lowest price ever, but the 45mm GPS version has a discount too. It's available to Prime members for just $309(opens in new tab). That's a saving of $120 and again, is the lowest price we've ever seen. Oh happy day. 

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